Top 10 Argumentative Essay Topics That Will Catch Your Reader's Attention

As long as humanity has existed, human beings have always found a reason to have differing opinions on everything. It is no surprise then that finding 10 topics that will stir the emotions of your readers is not that difficult a job. Read on to find 10 great ideas for Argumentative Essays.

  1. Gender wars
  2. The mere mention of one gender’s superiority over the other at anything will ensure that the debate rages on late into the night.

  3. Abortion
  4. A highly emotive subject, the issue of abortion has been controversial for decades with no end in sight. It is a topic that has led to everything from heated, vitriolic debate to actual violence. Handle with care.

  5. Sporting Rivalries
  6. With great traditions of sporting rivalries between countries and sports clubs, this is one of the best topics for generating debate. Mention Barcelona vs. Madrid in football, Federer vs. Nadal in tennis or India vs. Pakistan in cricket and you will stoke the fires of a raging debate that will carry on for days on end.

  7. Animal Testing
  8. The treatment of animals by industry, especially the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors is an incredibly controversial issue. From advertisement campaigns featuring prominent show business stars to violent attacks on testing centers, this topic generates interest like few others.

  9. Immigration
  10. Extremely important in today’s political climate in most developed countries, this is an issue that can make or break governments. The issue of immigration has become progressively polarizing with the economic downturn of recent years and the rise of militancy.

  11. Capital Punishment
  12. With supporters both for and against, both on the intra-national and international level, this is one of the great ongoing debates of modern history.

  13. Cloning
  14. Genetic cloning induces heated debate because for many people it leads to contemplation of the idea of man playing God. This is an uncomfortable thought for many and allied with fear of the unknown, genetic cloning has no shortage of opponents.

  15. Genetically Modified Food
  16. Tying into the fear of genetically cloned human beings, as described above, Genetically Modified (GM) food is a topic that leads to raw emotions and ill feeling amongst a lot of people.

  17. Cosmetic Surgery
  18. With cases of addiction to cosmetic surgery and some botched procedures in the news, everything from abuse of prescription medication to deaths has been blamed on this sector.

  19. Pharmaceutical Companies
  20. Accused of everything from profiteering to animal cruelty to being responsible for the rise of drug resistant bacteria, pharmaceutical companies are a source of never-ending debate.