10 Fresh Ideas for Writing a Pollution-Free Earth Essay

Environmental pollution might seem an overused topic where no free angle can be discovered. Most student essays written on this subject are so similar they can barely be told apart. If you want yours to stand out, you have two main options; focus on either a less frequently discussed kind of pollution (in fact, there are many more than just air, water, or noise pollution) or a particular way to make the Earth clean.

  1. Light pollution.
  2. Light is a natural agent that every living thing needs, but its excess can be harmful. Find out in what ways light pollution is generated and what we can do to prevent it.

  3. Thermal pollution.
  4. EMF pollution.
  5. Ozone pollution.
  6. Information pollution.
  7. The effects of information pollution on human health are still underexplored. If you want a challenging topic, choose this one. However, it might be somewhat difficult to find sources on it.

  8. Funding of pollution-reducing plans.
  9. Any plans to reduce pollution need financial supply to come into life. Determine through which channels (governments, NGOs, or others) the way to pollution-free earth is most likely to be paved.

  10. Do we have a technical capacity to completely prevent water pollution?
  11. Some experts say we already have technologies to eliminate water pollution completely, while others disagree. Do your own research to find out which side is right.

  12. Which technologies can eliminate the environmental footprint of industries?
  13. Pollution today is an unescapable cost of living in industrial society, but it does not have to continue this way forever. Explore a particular pollution-reducing technology used in heavy industry today, and discuss how it can contribute to the pollution-free earth of the future.

  14. Nuclear energy: can it be made safe?
  15. Burning fossil fuels causes air pollution, while “green” alternatives, such as solar or wind energy, are not capable of creating energy supply that is powerful and stable enough. Considering this, nuclear energy seems the only option of generating all the electricity our civilization needs to survive. Investigate the ways in which environmental footprint of nuclear energy can theoretically be reduced to zero, e. g. by building safer stations and burying nuclear waste in outer space.

  16. Cities with controlled climate: a way to pollution-free earth or a deadlock?
  17. China has recently announced a plan to build a glass-covered city with fully controlled climate, which might be modeled by other world powers. Do you think this is a great way to provide humans with safe environment to live in, or a dangerous initiative that can eliminate any stimuli for governments to invest in pollution reduction?