25 Interesting Problems To Write About In A Problem Solution Essay

Problem solution essays are that important part of the academic structures that make students think from various perspectives and look for various solutions of a given issue. Such subjects are practical and are discussed from various standpoints. The notion behind such essays is to find out if the issue is cost effective or not. These Problem solution essays are written with a vivid explanations offering goodness of the solution with appropriate reasons.

Before you start writing on any topic, first of all make a list of topics that capture your interest and you get enough substantial information on not. Think if you can draft it properly. Once finalized, start writing-

  1. How homeless people in the society can be offered assistance so that they do not feel segregated from the society?

  2. Discuss about the best possible measures that can prevent teen pregnancy?

  3. How the issues of illegal immigration can be prevented?

  4. How education is different from illiteracy? How issues of illiteracy can be brought down?

  5. What is the root cause of increasing human trafficking? How it can be prevented?

  6. Why sports person are increasing the usage of steroids? How it can be limited?

  7. Discuss the ways to handle a group of issues dealing with education, sports, health and business immaculately?

  8. Discuss the best possible ways a coach can train his students?

  9. Discuss the various ways the players can be paid? How their division should be decided?

  10. How an affordable fee structure can be planned in schools?

  11. What are the best ways by which a teenager can keep tune with her body without going for dieting?

  12. How school and college environment can be made safe?

  13. Discuss the various measures by which self confidence can be boosted?

  14. Discuss the role of school to deal with the issues of obesity?

  15. How bullying and teasing can be prevented? Should strict laws be introduced?

  16. How parents can solve the issues of their kids in school by taking help of social media?

  17. Discuss the role of parents, teachers and elders in preventing bad habits?

  18. How students can be encouraged to be honest?

  19. What should be done to be a safe driver?

  20. How social crime can be prevented?

  21. What all compulsory measures should be introduced by the government for introducing self defense for girls?

  22. How traffic violation can be prevented?

  23. Should only girls cook at home or boys also are part of household chores? Why?

  24. Are married women only liable for taking care of kids at home or married men should contribute equally towards it?

  25. Why lady teachers are preferred over gents in primary schools?