Writing Made Simple: 30 Definition Essay Topics

A definition essay is an interesting task. The author should pick a term and define it. When choosing a topic for such a paper, it’s advisable to pick something that isn’t a concrete object but rather an abstract notion. Below, you can see a list of decent and exciting essay topics to write about.

  1. Sensitivity.

  2. Racism.

  3. Ambition.

  4. Modesty.

  5. Respect.

  6. Honor.

  7. Charisma.

  8. Frustration.

  9. Generosity.

  10. Integrity.

  11. Laziness.

  12. Optimism.

  13. Success.

  14. Feminism.

  15. Courage.

  16. Personality.

  17. Friendship.

  18. Self-respect.

  19. Leadership.

  20. Pride.

  21. Heroism.

  22. Virtue.

  23. Sophistication.

  24. Responsibility.

  25. Greed.

  26. Persistence.

  27. Beauty.

  28. Progress.

  29. Gumption.

  30. Peace.

These are decent subjects that you may write about in your paper. However, to compose an excellent definition essay, you need to know how to structure it properly. To learn the basic rules, look at the tips below:

  • Opening paragraph
  • In your introduction, you should write something that will make your readers want to continue reading. You may start with some interesting fact or provocative question related to your topic. Then, you should give a common definition of this subject. To make it more understandable, you may also present a contradiction to your term. Finally, define this subject in your own words and set the course for the following paragraphs.

  • Body paragraphs
  • A body is the largest section of your paper. Here, you should introduce several points that support your interpretation. If it’s necessary, you may give a thorough background of your term for your readers to understand everything clearly. Each point should have a separate paragraph where you’ll analyze it in details. You may give some examples from real life to support your points.

  • Concluding paragraph
  • The last paragraph of your essay should summarize all your points and arguments related to your topic. It’d also be great to write in the conclusion about the influence of this subject on your life and the importance of understanding its definition correctly. If you used a provocative question in the introduction, you may give an answer on it in the conclusion to make your paper accomplished and solid.

The final stage of your work is to proofread your paper carefully and get rid of errors and mistakes. It’s also advisable to make sure that your paragraphs are connected smoothly and logically. Pay attention to transitions and topic sentences.

If you follow these recommendations, you’ll be able to create a brilliant work and impress your teacher.