How To Scan Your Essay For Plagiarism For Free: 5 Useful Suggestions

Plagiarism hazards in academic writing:

Plagiarism is a crime in academics, which is as big as murder in our society. It shouldn’t be taken literally, but it is something which is totally unacceptable and your research paper can be rejected if it crosses a certain plagiarism tolerance level. Make sure that you are well aware about all the requirements and how to counter or avoid it with ease. Plagiarism is that issue where you copy someone else work word to word. If you are taking anybody else idea in your paper, then it has to be properly referenced and credited by showing both in the body and the bibliography section. The students in their early days find it really hard to avoid as they all the time are looking towards the internet help through books and articles to resolve their academic issues. The teachers can also play a role and should come up with excellent suggestions to help students out with this serious academic writing issue. The students themselves can also try to find out different types of useful help which is available on the web for the help of the students facing issue with plagiarism.

Top 5 tips for plagiarism avoidance:

The following are top 5 tips which will help you out as how to scan your essay to ensure that it is plagiarism free:

  1. Different institutes have different tolerance levels when it comes to plagiarism. Make sure that you are well aware of the limits while scanning your paper for the plagiarism issue.
  2. Look for the best plagiarism detect software on the web and download on your computer. Use it to detect plagiarism and rectify your content accordingly.
  3. Never just rely on one software as there can be quality issues. Download a couple more of such softwares and compare the results in order to get an idea if there is a consistency or there are variable results.
  4. The teachers too use different plagiarism detect softwares to find out plagiarism. Therefore, you can ask your teacher that what software they use so that you are on the safe side with consistent results at both ends.
  5. Make sure that you print a copy of the report that your software will generate about the plagiarism details. Keep it as an evidence to prove if you are asked to give the proof.