List Of Unique Ideas For A Personal Reflective Essay

Well if you want to write a reflective essay, and you want to make it personal, this is going to be a very easy job. There are many things you can write about in your reflective essay, and since we are talking about yourself, you can try and do things interesting in the process. You might even get to know yourself better because of this, so you have multiple advantages here. Try to think of multiple options and then choose one of them that suits you best.

  1. The favorite book. Well your favorite book can say a lot about you. You can start by presenting the book, a small presentation showing the main ideas and the main action that happens in there.

  2. Childhood Trauma. Well most kids go through some sort of a trauma when they young. And this can pose a problem for the rest of their lives, because when they are young they minds are still forming and they can be molded very easily.

  3. Your favorite piece of art. You can describe it in your reflective essay, because this can tell others many things about you. It will help your colleagues get to know you better.

  4. The first time you went to school. How did this make you feel? Did this change you as a person? Do you think that your life would be different if you would not good to school?

  5. Falling in love. You can discuss about this romantic topic in your reflective essay. It is not easy to open your heart in front of all your classmates, but at least you will make them interested in your essay. Your professor will be proud of you.

  6. The time when you did something bad. We all do bad things and we learn something from them. I bet that as any other student, you made some mistakes in your life. As long as you can write a good moral at the end, you have no reason to keep these bad things hidden.

  7. What is honesty for you? This can turn into a very interesting conversation, since your colleagues will have different opinions about this. However, at least you know that your reflective essay got their attention.

  8. White lies. Do you think that lies can be positive? What do you think about people who lie?