A List Of Eye-Catching Proposal Essay Topics For College

The key to a good proposal essay, in which you must explain a problem and then propose a solution, is to be convincing. There are a number of methods you can use to be more persuasive, precisely defining the audience, using research to support your argument, or using rhetorical devices, but the most effective way to get your audience on side is to pick an interesting subject which you can write passionately about. A genuine enthusiasm for a subject makes everything you write seem more believable, and is very difficult to fake. Additionally, by picking an eye-catching topic the reader will be more involved, and pay closer attention to what you write.

To set you on the right track to choosing a really fascinating proposal essay topic, we've compiled a list of ideas with the intention of guiding you in the right direction.

National and International Issues

  • What can be done to help the rapidly increasing homeless population?
  • How can we reverse the trend towards mass incarceration in America?
  • How can we deal with organisations like Al Qaeda and ISIS without harming the innocent civilian population?
  • How can we ease the tension between police and civilians in order to prevent unnecessary violence?
  • What can developed nations do to prevent the number of people dying of disease and hunger in the developing world?
  • What is the best way to find a balance between maintaining security and keeping civil liberties?
  • How can we reduce economic and social inequality between the richest and the poorest members of society?
  • What is the best way to regulate corporate involvement in politics?

Local and Regional Problems

  • What measures could be taken to encourage people to walk or cycle in a local town/city?
  • How could a local school, library or hospital raise more funds to develop the facilities?
  • How could a local college campus be made safer/ more welcoming?
  • What is the best way to preserve a piece of local heritage?
  • Is it possible to create more jobs in the local area?
  • How can we prevent crime in and around the local area?

Hopefully these topics give you an idea of the type of proposal essay topics you should be aiming for. The more relevance it has to you personally the better. The choice for a general proposal essay is limitless; don't be afraid to tackle a subject that is too large or too controversial.