The Fault In Our Stars Movie Review

The fault in Our Stars is a movie, which illustrated the meaning of life in various ways with the beautiful love story of a girl who suffering thyroid cancer that spread to lungs and a boy with osteosarcoma. They reflect our life in today world, we people live in heartless life with stresses, pressures, egos, hopes, dreams, developing, changing, fighting and competing. Although our organs are healthy, we suffer mind cancer. We are trying to adapt in this terribly changing world to fulfill our dreams of living in meaningful life. However, our meaning of life gradually become being a rich person rather than being a peaceful person and that make us living in heartless life. Therefore the love story of Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace Lancaster reflects our daily life that lead to the sadness. So the first meaning of life is “Life is full with difficulties” like a love story of two people with cancer.

Moreover, the different perceptions of people in cancer patient support group reveal another meaning of life that “people have their own view on life”. This idea clearly reflected by the positive view of Augutus who actively participate in the group and the negative view of Hazel who contribute because of her mother.

The sharing of book, the attempt to find the writer of the book and the smiles of Hazal defined that “people can share their vision of life to other and find the meaning of life together with other and the meaning of life can change with the changing events”.

Although I thought Hazal would die first in the first sections, Augustus is the one who left earlier. This shows that “ life is an unexpected journey”. At the end of the story both of them found the meaning of life and how to accept the sadness and bad things with peaceful mind. Therefore when we found the beauty of life its turns our life into spectacular.

As a conclusion, the movie demonstrates the beautiful of life with the beautiful love story of two people who going to face with death in near future. Their love is beautiful not because of their death but because of their positive view on the bad condition. Instead of blaming on the faith they accept every situations peacefully. The point is even these two young cancer guys accept the death calmly why can’t we accept the consequences of our decision in our life? Also, why can’t I do like this? If positive view on every bad things make their life beautiful, it will also make ours and mine.