20 Essay Topics On Childhood Memories That Will Get You Inspired

When you have been asked to write a paper on your childhood memories, the hardest part is developing a topic to write about. This type of essay is easier than most simply because you don’t have to do any research because all of the information is in your head. However, choosing a memory that is vivid enough and interesting enough to write about is a little difficult. You may not have a complete picture in your head about what happened during your childhood. The idea is to choose a memory that you feel you can paint a picture with. You should recollect enough of the memory to be able to present your information in a way that your audience can “see” what happened.

Here are twenty essay topics on childhood memories that will get you inspired. You can choose to write your paper on one of these topics or use this list to come up with your own ideas. Once you have chosen a topic, you will want to make an outline to help you map out the parts that you will want to discuss.

  1. Your favorite family vacation
  2. Childhood best friend
  3. What would you do for fun?
  4. Best time with Mom growing up
  5. Best time with Dad growing up
  6. Funniest thing that happened
  7. Worst moment growing up
  8. How did your parents deal with disagreements?
  9. What was your elementary school like?
  10. What do you remember about elementary school?
  11. What kind of pet did you have growing up?
  12. How much did you and a sibling fight growing up?
  13. Talk about how close you and your sibling were
  14. Something that scared you when you were growing up
  15. Describe the outfits your mom made you wear
  16. What did your parents do for a living when you were little?
  17. What was your favorite part of the day?
  18. Describe your house
  19. Describe the scariest thing that happened to you
  20. Talk about your favorite teacher

Aim to explain the things that you saw, the feelings that you felt, the smells that you smelt, and stimulate all of your reader’s senses so that they feel like they were actually there with you. It is the best way to write this type of essay successfully.