How To Find A Brilliant Jane Schaffer Essay Example Online?

Many students who are unfamiliar with essay writing struggle with it in the first few attempts. Many of the rules they are told to follow seem arbitrary and can suck the life out of the writing process completely. This has resulted in the rise of a basic template for construction of paragraphs known as the Schaffer method.

Within this method, each line is given a clear purpose and once each line has been completed according to this template, a fairly well put together essay can be derived. To help you master this method it can be good to have access to a few samples of papers written in this style. Here are a few of the best places for you to start looking:

With your teacher

A Schaffer style paragraph or even complete essay is most likely hidden in the midst of your teacher’s resources. Ask him or her to let you have access to it. Even if it’s not readily available when you ask, if your teacher is requesting you to write in that style they have essays in their possession that are good examples of it.

In a text book about academic writing

Not all books will have content that suits your purposes in this style but of the few that do, the majority will also contain a good sample piece. Each line from the topic sentence to the closing or concluding sentence should be labeled for ease of reference. Sometimes they are even color coded so that you ca tell them apart from a distance

On the web

If you are still rather young, consider asking someone to help you with your search. Unsupervised internet access is dangerous for young children. Still, such a search may reveal many more samples than you would find in hard copy as well as videos that explain where each sentence should go and complimentary animation.

From your classmates

Other people in your class may have found their own samples using these methods or others. You will never know if they have and are willing to share until you ask. You can also share the ones you have found so that they get something out of this as well.

The Schaffer method is supposed to get you on your feet with essay writing but not become a crutch to you. One day you will have to let it go so that your writing progresses to the next level.