How To Hone Your Essay And Report Writing Skills

Essays and reports are standard writing assignments that you will frequently deal with being a university student. While essays are mainly focused on your ideas and arguments, reports are action-oriented and describe what you have done in practice. In spite of these differences, you should approach these writing assignments quite similarly. Both of these paper types consist of rigid structural parts covering necessary sets of information. Both of them should be arranged according to the requirements of academic writing. If you want to get constantly high grades for your writing assignments, you should do everything possible to hone your writing skills. The following tips will help you improve your progress as a writer whatever paper you are to create.

  • Take a pleasure in writing.
  • It will be much easier to become a better writer if you enjoy the process. Namely, take the following steps to succeed:

    1. Start early and you won’t be stressed out by the need to meet the deadline.
    2. Break your assignment into portions and set their own deadlines.
    3. Write in several drafts. Don’t try to create a perfect essay or report on the first try.
    4. Learn all requirements of the subject. It will save you from rewriting your paper later in compliance with the conventions of the needed style.
  • Define your instructor’s expectations.
  • In your paper, you should meet your teacher’s expectations. The necessary information is usually provided in the assignment details. If not, turn directly to your teacher. Ask what issues you are expected to cover, which sources you are encouraged to refer to, and what methods are the most applicable for conducting your research.

  • Plan all your steps.
  • Decide what steps you should take to accomplish the task and set approximate time limits for every step.

  • Create a detailed outline.
  • Wonderful ideas for your essay or astonishing results for your report don’t matter much if your paper isn’t well-organized. By outlining all your points in details and presenting them in the most appropriate order, you’ll manage to craft a solid piece of writing.

  • Develop your own writing strategies.
  • Sooner or later you will notice that some things work perfectly for you. For example, it may turn out that it’s easier to write your ideas on paper first and then to transfer them to the computer. Or, you may find out that you create the best bits of text by free writing.

  • Practice.
  • Don’t forget that your writing skills improve only through practice. Write as often as possible, don’t cut corners, and you will definitely see the progress.