Health And Social Care

Countries are now keen on making sure that they provide the best health care for their citizens. This has led to significant investment in the health sector. The need for better health has resulted in linking together of health care and the social care. This will enable doctors and social workers to provide quality care to patients and those that need it great ease. The services that are focused on the officers include biological, sociological, nutritional, ethical and lawful. All these aspects have been integrated together and thus will provide the provided together.

The need for integrating the services

Over the past years, the demand for health and social care has been on the rise. This is because of the change in the lifestyles of the people and the fact that people are now keen on their health than in the past. This has led to the care providers being overwhelmed. The lumping together of these services to be provided by same workforce will help to ease in planning. No particular group will be overworked. This also assists in improving the standards of health care. With the workload being equally distributed, officers will have enough time to take care of each case. They will thus offer standard care that is required. Linking of these two will also be of great importance so as to allow care to patients in the comfort of their homes. This will ease the congestion in the hospitals. Only the critical cases will be retained in the health facilities while other instances that require attention are monitored from home. This will also be of great significance because patients with long-term conditions will not have to be kept in hospitals. They can go to their homes and be with their relatives and be treated or monitored from there. All these measures will improve the standards of health care and help in taking it to the people that need it most. It will help in creating a fit and healthy community.

The National Health Reforms

These reforms have been aimed at making health care affordable to all people. The reforms spell out clearly how the social and health care services will be integrated. Its aim is to ensure that quality services are offered on a need basis. The services are also available to all at an affordable rate. The reforms require one to be a registered member that the health care needs are free at the point of need or are subsidized.