Heroism In Cinema

Literature has significantly changed. In today’s world, it is hard to embrace any character as a hero of the literature. Heroism and heroic virtues have died down, and it is hard to compare the heroism in literature today to what we experienced in the 1960s. Literature has few legends left even in the world of fiction. Today heroes are not treated with any respect. They are figures that are mocked, laughed at and portrayed as old-fashioned. They are the boy scouts and the Puritan do-gooder. The best form that they exist in today is one that we make fun of them and just accept that they will find some way to the top. Today’s literature heroes are mocked and treated with irony. In the latest productions, we lack enough of character that places one at the helm of literature. Sometimes I take the time to engage my friends on the current trend of literature. Most say that they are highly entertained by the ongoing creation of fiction and Sci-Fi movies. However, they all agree that literature today has failed. They do not play their role in creating a moral in the society. They lack message to the society and have concentrated in entertainment.

Need for Story

The society needs a story that helps them identify with themselves. They are looking for a story that compliments their culture and has some teaching on the importance life. Most importantly, they look for a story that guides them on the different aspects of life and behavior. This is what is missing in the modern films. It is, therefore, hard to identify a character that is a hero. In the 1960s, heroes spoke directly to the communities. Whether they talked about the past or the future, they always spoke to the present generation. That way it was easy to know identify the hero according to an individual culture or the message they carried in the movie or film.

The culture

Comic and fiction movies have a great sense of entertainment. They do not promote culture as it was in the past plays. Language has changed. Television and media are a great part of life today. They are placed everywhere. You will find them in the shopping malls, on buses, offices and town centers. They, therefore, have a wide coverage. They are an easy channel to promote culture and discipline. However, this is not the case today. Productions today use vulgar language.