4 Methods You Can Use To Find Fresh Persuasive Essay Topics

As an essay writer, you want to compose material that people can read and enjoy, not simply discard as unworthy. One aspect of this activity that can significantly affect the interest of readers in your paper is the topic, a person can decide on the spot to read your paper when the topic interests them in one way or the other.

To begin choosing a topic, there are several things to consider to ensure that you select a good one, even if it is a topic of interest to the public, the possibility does exist that you may still be incapable of effectively writing about it. The following is a short summary of four very effective methods of selecting a suitable title for any essay type you may encounter:

  1. Brainstorm
  2. Brainstorming is a method of creating ideas that has been around for centuries and based on its usefulness, this method will be around for a long time. To brainstorm is easy, even better if you have some friends join you, simply sit for a few minutes and record every idea that comes to mind. When you feel like you have a long enough list, review what you have written, selecting the better entries for your short list. Don’t be surprised to find one or two simply amazing ideas in the mix.

  3. Consider current events
  4. Current events can affect us all in many different ways and there are many for you to consider. Browsing through your local newspaper can give you many situations from which you could extract an idea to write on. This source of topics also has the added benefit of being of interest to your readers, since you will be discussing things that have the ability to affect their daily lives.

  5. View past popular topics
  6. While you may not wish to copy over someone published title exactly, you can use the list of successful past titles to give you ideas on how to approach your own project. Visit a library and view the archives containing persuasive essay samples.

  7. Choose random words from a hat
  8. This may be a bit comical in nature, but it can help you out in situations where you simply cannot decide what to write on. Many people have done this to help them make big decisions and it may just be the solution for you. Enter random words on pieces of paper and chose a few from the hat randomly until you get a combination that interests you.