Inventing Fresh Essay Topics On The Bible: Excellent Recommendations

Writing on a book that is as old and sacred as the Bible can be a daunting experience. In addition to being a document that can be difficult to read due to the extensive use of outdated language, coming up with fresh essay topics can feel impossible. What is there to say that hasn’t already been said? However, by changing the way that you think about the Bible, you can create an array of topics to explore!

Many people choose to interpret the bible literally. The words that are written are supposed to be taken at face value. Others adopt a more contextual approach. By putting the words and lessons from the Bible and interpreting them in the context of the present day, people feel as though they can better apply the written concepts to their lives.

When approaching essay topics, you should consider approaching Biblical narratives from the contextual perspective. Think about an issue that is important to you and that you would like to know more about. Next, think about Biblical stories or teachings that may relate to the situation, even in the loosest context. Using the internet to search for relevant Bible verses or stories can help you in this endeavor.

Once you have found a relevant verse, passage, or story, do another internet search in order to determine whether the topic and accompanying Bible content has been researched before at great length. If you are unable to find much out there, great! You have just discovered a fresh essay topic that relates to the Bible!

Another strategy for creating a new essay topic is to think about Bible verses or stories that you may already be familiar with and that you are interested in studying further. Once you have selected the topic, research what has already been written on the topic to determine if there may be aspects of the available information that has not been adequately covered. If you determine that holes exist in the research, you now have a fresh essay topic where you can expand upon existing research.

A final method that you can utilize is more creative with your approach to your essay. You can think of popular or important Biblical scenarios and write an essay about how current Biblical interpretations would be different had these situations ended differently. Would the Bible have the same amount of significance that it now does if Jesus had not be crucified? Approaches like this make for fun, creative writing endeavors and can expand on existing interpretations!