How to Utilize an Essay Sample: 5 Helpful Ideas

Teachers who instruct writing classes, like for their students to use sample when writing. When a student uses a model, their writing will improve drastically. Learning from watching is an effective instructional tool. When looking at a model essay make sure to study the thesis statement, look at the introduction of the paper, check out one body paragraph, look at how the statements are supported, and closely look at the conclusion.

Study the Thesis Statement

When using a sample paper as a guide, you should see how the writer constructed and supported his or her thesis statement. Also see if the author used more than one paragraph to deliver the thesis statement. Mature writers will use a thesis statement paragraph rather than a single sentence.

Look at the Introduction of the Paper

Carefully observe how the person constructed and wrote the introduction. See if you can find the thesis statement, hook, and background information. Then recognize how the person moved from the introduction paragraph to the first body paragraph.

Check out at Least One of the Body Paragraphs

When looking at a body paragraph, try to notice how many facts are used, how they are supported, and see if the paragraph is validating the thesis statement. Check and see how the writer moves from facts to fact smoothly and how the in-text citations are placed. Lastly look at the transition devices that are used as the writer moves from paragraph to paragraph.

Observe How Facts are Supported

A good writer will support the thesis statement and all statements concerning the subject with data, quotes, stories, statistics, and all forms of credible information. Look carefully and observe how these details are placed into the paper.

Closely Look at the Conclusion

When you are writing using an example essay, look at the conclusion last. Make sure that you can located the thesis statement restated and the universal statement. Also try to model how the writer was able to wrap up the paper without being wordy. With all sections of the example paper, check the vocabulary, sentence structure, and paragraph development.

When you model as you write, make sure to study the thesis statement, check out the introduction, investigate at least one body paragraph, mirror how the writer supported the facts, and look carefully at the conclusion. Modeling a sample paper will help to make you a better writer.