Help Me Find an Essay Punctuation Checker for Free: Vital Advice

Although it is common in modern English to place commas and other punctuation marks intuitively (e. g. where you pause in speech), most instructors are still rigorous in following the rules. If you have a hard time remembering where a mark should go, you can save time and effort by running a free online checker on your essay.

  • Use a search engine.
  • Type “free punctuation checker” into any search engine. You will discover multiple links to relevant websites. The next step is to visit them and choose the site that is most convenient to use.

  • Determine how the program works.
  • Two types of punctuation checkers are available. Online checkers require you to copy your text directly onto the website. Alternatively, other sites expect you to download and install their checking programs on your PC. Mac users often have trouble looking for a checker they can install on their computer as most of these programs only have versions available for Windows. Online checkers are a universally available choice for all Operating Systems.

  • Check volume limits.
  • Most online punctuation checkers allow you to paste only a certain amount of text, e. g. up to 5,000 characters with spaces. If you exceed the limit, only the text that falls within the requirements will be checked. To check a larger essay, you might have to sign up for a paid account.

  • Find out whether the program uses British or American English.
  • There are a number of notable punctuation differences between British and American versions of English. For example, the use of quotation marks is different between these two varieties. American style uses double quotes for the initial quotation, then single quotes for a quotation inside this one, while British style does it the other way round. A wrong style used by the program can have detrimental effects on your essay. If you need American English, avoid websites that have .uk or .au domain. Also, search the website for clear indication of which style the software uses.

  • Be critical of the proposed changes.
  • Many of these programs do not place punctuation marks in your essay correctly. Instead, they simply underline the identified error. Unless you use one of the few websites that provide explanations as well, you will have to figure out what the mistake is on your own. Remember that online checking tools can have occasional bugs like any other software. If you are sure there is no mistake to what you have written, do not accept the proposed change. It might be useful to test the essay in another free punctuation checker to see whether it points out the same errors.