The Best Essay Topics On India: 15 Winning Suggestions

India is a beautiful and mesmerizing country owing to its wide collection of fauna and flower, natural landscapes and unmatched hill stations. It is an important tourist attraction for visitors all around the globe and holds significant value geographically. Not only is that but the country of critical importance in matters of global politics, trade, economics, spirituality, and nationalism. The famous Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi owing to his theory of nonviolence is respected and acknowledged by philosophers and authors around the globe as one of the most praised personalities in history. The people of India are competitive and have certain significance in the information technology industry. Most of the famous IT companies and endeavors in the western world outsource their major projects to Indian engineers and labors because of cheap affordability.

If you are to write a good essay about the country then you need to understand its importance and study its background in the area you want to address. The best way to reduce your efforts in writing such an essay is to break down your subject into easy and definite categories because that will help you narrow down your efforts. You might not be familiar with anything about the country or may have little insight about few areas. It is best to pick one that you are most interested in talking about. It will be motivating for you to find out interesting facts about the culture, religion, democracy, and landmarks of the country and write about them for your readers. Once you choose one area, you can further carry out research to find a topic of interest. It is important that the topic you choose for your paper is original and your own fresh idea. You can find something from your research and write it in a way that can engage your readers. To make it easier, below is a list of winning suggestions for you to write your essay

Interesting topics on India

  1. The amazing story behind Taj Mahal and its outstanding architecture built in Agrah
  2. A contrast of the modern and traditional cultures: India
  3. Democracy at its best
  4. World leaders in IT and engineering education
  5. The Kashmir dispute
  6. Bollywood celebrities as most influential people in the world
  7. An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind
  8. Love all but hate none Mahatma Gandhi
  9. Shimla- A tourist spot
  10. Pop culture in India
  11. Hippies travel to India
  12. Monks and spiritualism in India
  13. Yoga and its origin
  14. Buddhism India
  15. Discovering India