A List of Outstanding Psychology Argumentative Essay Topics

For some reason, many students write about the same topics over and over again. To get a good grade on a psychology essay, students must use an original topic. Teachers want to see each student do original research as they develop unique ideas. Additionally, the topic will have to be at least slightly divisive. Since this is an argumentative essay, students must make a point with their writing. To get started on this type of writing, students can consider some of the topics that are listed below.

Psychology Topics

  • 1. Television, mobile phones and the Internet are used for hours every day by individuals. How does this exposure to the media affect real life? Does the male and female dynamics portrayed on film affect how men and women actually relate to each other in real life?
  • 2. Unfortunately, some children are abused or neglected by their parents. Is there a relationship between parental neglect and a child's weight?
  • 3. What are some of the psychological effects of religion on young children? Does raising children in a religious household make for more stable, well-rounded adults?
  • 4. If children are raised in religious households, does this make them more likely to associate human behaviors like sex, drinking or smoking with guilt? Are they more likely to experience depression?
  • 5. When someone has a question, they can immediately look it up on the Internet. In the past, people had to read through books, ask a professor or debate topics with their friends. Does having the ability to look any topic up actually reduce the intellectual capacities of the modern person?
  • 6. When a young child is obese, is it the parent's fault? What role do parents have in contributing to eating disorders like anorexia nervosa and bulimia?
  • 7. What is different between the formation of long-term and short-term memories? How does the memory function? Explain unusual medical cases where people are unable to form new memories in their mind.
  • 8. If both parents are narcissists, does it mean the child is more likely to become a narcissist? If both parents suffer from depression, is the child more likely to develop depression later on?
  • 9. Why does stress seem to effect different people in different ways? Some doctors have suggested that stress is at the root of many illnesses since it is responsible for causing inflammation. By obtaining better mental health, could people enjoy better physical health?
  • 10. How does being bipolar affect someone's day-to-day life?