Field Marketing Versus Office Marketing

Marketing is a crucial strategy that is largely used by many companies to develop a communication base through which the companies can channel knowledge about the various feature of their services and products. It is a vital portion in attracting the target customers to a particular brand, and companies makes use of tried-and-tested and innovative techniques to keep a competitive edge. The company has to choose the most cost effective, reliable and efficient marketing strategy in order to attain desirable results from the marketing campaign.

Field marketing

Field marketing is one of the traditional marketing disciplines; it encompasses people auditing, distributing, sampling promotions or selling on the field. Field marketing can be divided into two schools of thoughts; firstly, historically it is thought as a one-way communication tool in which the brand’s message is communicated to the consumer from promotional personnel whether via the medium of literature, a piece of merchandise or a sample. Secondly, in current times, it is though as a two-way communication in which feedback sample’s feedback is requested or customers are invited to follow a product brand on social media. Field marketing is different to office marketing in that it is a face-to-face personal contact direct marketing.

Field marketing encompasses highly targeted direct selling merchandising, promotions, demonstrations and sampling, auditing, organising road events, shows and mystery shopping. Field market professionals are capable of offering support to marketing operations that include increasing market distribution and contracting a competitor’s campaign.

Office marketing

As opposed to field marketing, office marketing is mainly office based and involves minimal or no out of office activities. It involves a company setting an office from which an individual or group of individuals can analyse, innovative new ways, recommend and enhance the company’s marketing situation. In the marketing office there are several activities undertaken by marketing personnel in order to promote and enhance the marketing process. These activities include; direct customer relations, designing of posters and adverts to be used in social media advertisement, designing and improving current company’s marketing web pages and analysing and making appropriate recommendations on the company’s marketing situation.

The various types of office marketing include cloud marketing, which involves marketing by use of internet, where all the marketing assets and resources are moved to online resources so that the respective parties can modify, develop, share and utilise them. Another type is direct marketing, a technique whereby organizations directly reach clients through email, mail, fliers, various promotional materials and texts. The last one is digital marketing, a technique that employs various digital devices like computers, smart phones, digital billboards or tables to inform business partners and customers about its products.