How To Choose A Catchy Topic For A Persuasive Essay In High School

The use of wit can seem unnecessary in the completion of your assignments. You may be one of those who focuses more intently on substance. This is not a bad approach to have in life but very quickly you will begin to see that style has its place too. If you would like to use this element in your essay writing, the first step is to come up with a topic that gives you that sort of freedom. Here are a few things you can try to that effect:

Think about the things that matter most to you

When you aim to be persuasive, one of the best tools in your arsenal can be to select an idea that actually means a lot to you. These will always be easier to defend. Better yet, you are probably aware of some of the better points already and can even rattle them off the top of your head. In such instances, you save a great deal of time that might otherwise have ended up on research.

Read the newspaper and blogs regularly

If there are no causes that you especially enjoy arguing, try looking in the newspaper for ideas instead. Failing that, blogs should also be able to furnish you with some worthwhile ammunition. Do not give up after the first few tries if you meet with little success. There are more articles out there than you could complete in a thousand lifetimes and the number grows daily. Keep looking until something strikes your interest.

Look at previously successful essays

These will show you what direction is most likely to pay off. You may think you know what will com across as catchy and be wrong. It may be taken as disrespectful or boring or merely confused and unnecessary. Looking over the best samples will help you to avoid this problem.

Read other persuasive writing samples

Think of the other examples of persuasive writing and speech you come across on a daily basis. They can show you what else can be done with that particular style and from that you can derive a few other ideas. The less you limit yourself, the more you can come up with.

The completion of several assignments in this vein will make it easier for you each time. Make sure to brainstorm topics regularly whether you plan to write them all or not.