Sexual Violence Against Men


Sexual violence against women is something that is heard about on a regular basis. Sexual violence against men is something that is still very much hidden and is not talked about often. The reasons behind this is due to social attitudes and how a man must be seen in public. These attitudes prevent many male victims from speaking out about a sexual attack that happened to them. A sexual attacker can be male or female and the effects of such an attack are devastating for the victim and their loved ones.


A sexual perpetrator can be any gender and it is not just men who attack men in a sexual manner. Sexual perpetrators’ can also be of any sexual persuasion and a male attacker may not necessarily be a homosexual because reasons could be a hatred to other men for example.

Male sexual attacks like female ones can happen to any male and at any age. In addition to this, a sexual perpetrator is often known to the victim. The perpetrator can be someone who is a family member or a respected member of society. Sexual perpetrators’ can include:

  • Family member

  • Family friend

  • Teacher

  • Stranger

Sexual perpetrators’ can be anyone and from any walk of life just the same as in sexual violence against women.


A male victim often goes through the same kind of feelings and shame that female victims also suffer from. However there are additional issues that a male victim goes through due to the social stigma surrounding this issue. These separate issues include:

  • Not feeling masculine enough

  • Questions sexuality

  • To ashamed to talk to anyone about it

These are only a few of the issues that a male can go through. Others are shared with female victims and can include:

  • Self blame

  • Mental health issues

  • Avoiding people and places

  • Fear

  • Withdrawal

If anyone goes through any kind of sexual attack yes the police should be involved but not all victims are willing to come forward.


It is difficult enough for any victim of sexual attack to come forward and to report it to the police. However for a male this is made even more difficult due to expectations and the views of society. On the other hand if a victim does not come forward then it is possible for the perpetrator not only to get away with it but also to abuse further victims.