Useful Recommendations On How To Write A Better Essay Than Your Classmates

Students like to know that they are writing an essay that will be better than their classmates. In order to do that it is necessary to learn how this can be done before the project is underway. There are steps we are able to review here to help write that terrific essay, however you can find here more explicit steps in how to write a better essay. It is important that you hone your own writing style but first take time to read a variety of other essays from academics like yourself.

Essay Recommendations

When a student has developed their own writing style then it is much easier to put together an essay that will be better than their classmates. The quest is how to formulate a good writing style that you can use and will impress others when they read your work. Look at some important steps in writing an essay:

  • Vocabulary is vital to any essay that is written. Build your vocabulary making sure that what you are writing can be read easily and understood.

  • Make yourself sound intelligent when you write by avoiding reputation.

  • Use language to help build your argument but avoid using the same words over and over again.

  • Be able to explain what other people say on the subject making yourself seem like you are widely read.

  • The use of punctuation can help determine the tone of your voice.

Writing a better essay

The above factors are helpful in writing a better essay but more information is available that will guide you in writing a better essay than your classmates. Some of the factors involved are things like vocabulary. Increase your vocabulary by adding new words every day that will carry you through in life for any project you need to do if it is written or spoken. Always come off like you know about the subject matter that will make you sound intelligent which helps the reader to believe your written essay.


Learning how to write a better essay than your classmates is really not too difficult when you know what is required and use some simple methods in your writing. One of the best methods in writing is developing your own style. The choice of your vocabulary used along with the punctuation helps the reader to know the tone of your article. Make sure that you explain your argument in simple easy terms but with meaning. When following some of these recommendations you will be able to write a better essay than your classmates.