5th Grade Essay Topics: a List of Fresh Ideas

Writing an essay in the fifth grade doesn’t have to be hard. Just knowing the basic essay structure will help, and I will go over that today, as well as giving you lots of topic ideas that will be fun and interesting for you to write about. First, let’s review paper structure. Let’s use an example of dolphin communication—how dolphins talk to one another.

First, A Playful, Informative Title

You want a title that makes your reader want to read your essay. You can get really playful with these titles as a way of making your reader laugh a little and want to read more about your topic. With dolphin communication, for example, you might title your paper “Did You Hear What That Dolphin Said? – The Other Dolphin Did!” or “Will Dolphins Have Their Own Talk Shows One Day?” Either way, you’re letting your reader know that you’re going to be talking about the way dolphins communicate in a humorous, not-so-boring type of way.

Your Introductory Paragraph

In introductory paragraphs, you basically get your essay started. You let your reader know what you are going to be writing about and discussing throughout the course of your paper. You want to start off with some interesting facts that get your reader fascinated. For example, “Scientists say that dolphins are as smart as . . . “

Your Thesis Statement

Your thesis statement says in one sentence, placed at the end of paragraph one—what your essay will be about. For example, “In this essay, I will discuss the fascinating subject of dolphin communication.”

Your Body and Closing Paragraphs.

Body paragraphs are where you give your reader’s all the evidence you need, from your thoughts and from research about your topic. The concluding paragraph is you’re the place in which you want to sum up your paper and to give the reader something to think about after your project is over.

Topics for Fifth Grade Essays

  1. How Dolphins Talk and What They Say
  2. The Life of a Sea Otter
  3. Just How Smart is Your Dog?
  4. Who is smarter—dogs or chimps?
  5. How to Go Greener
  6. Why English/Math/Science is My Favorite Subject
  7. Adventures in Baby Sitting
  8. What Parents Should Understand About Kids
  9. Everything I Love About Christmas (or Halloween)
  10. Five Unexpected Halloween Costumes