One of the most valuable things that a person has in his or her life is family. Family happiness is very important for any person, because family is the person’s own small world. For the beginning, let us consider what the family is. What is a good family? How can one define whether a family is good or bad, happy or unhappy?

They often say that if children are well-dressed and good at study they are of good family. To some extent, this is true, but sometimes there take place contingencies in life: children run away from parents’ house or commit suicide. Why do they do it if their family is happy? Parents do their best to dress and shod their children, feed them, follow all their whims, but in the hustle and bustle of everyday life they find no spare time to spend it with their children, to communicate with them. Very often parents forget about it, forget that it is very important. Every child has some problems (though these may be no problems at all), difficult to deal with alone, and children are often silent about their problems. In a good family children know that they can share problems with parents, they are not afraid or ashamed to talk about the things they are concerned with, and parents always remind their children not to forget to tell about everything that happens to them or bothers them, remind that the child can trust them and prove it by their actions. They solve the problems all together. I guess the family where everyone is ready to stand up for the other and help him may be called good. Sorry to say but there are no a lot of really good families. Parents almost do not spend time with their children, they often forget about moral education. If the parents often quarrel, children, watching it, absorb the negative. They grow up and don't know how to create a strong and a happy family, because nobody explained them how to do it, they didn’t see it and don’t understand what it means to live in love and harmony.

Another key thing about family is that the family is the place where a person can reveal the selfhood and individuality. From the very childhood, being controlled by the family, children learn how to talk, think, and do something. As they grow up, family relationships touch all areas of their life – thinking, social, emotional, physical, behavioral, and moral. The family influences the personality greatly. We watch the lives of our parents, the parents of our friends, and if we like the way they live we will live the same way in our families, if we don’t like something, we shall try to avoid it in future.

Healthy, strong and friendly family is the key to success, success in everything: job, study, personal relationships. Only staying together in joy and sorrow and supporting each other can help to fight all the difficulties, even those that seem to be invincible. When we are far from our parents’ house, when there is no mother or father by our side we are powerless. When something goes wrong in family, it impacts all the other spheres of life. I think it is respect for the family is the root that keeps us through the life.

In conclusion it is worth saying that there exists no pattern of happy family relations. The common features of all happy families are understanding, respect and support in any situation.