Employee Burnout At Work

Many employees who work at hourly wages are prone to burning out. Those who are given seemingly limitless ability to increase their wages such as sales staff who have no cap on commission will sometimes work tirelessly to earn higher and higher wages and gain a higher position in the company such that they burn out early. For those who work on salary the competition remains to continually be better than the others in the office and to continually prove why the promotion was well worth it for the company. This leads to competing over who can put in the most hours or complete the most tasks. Many companies that are facing the issue of employee burnout have to utilize measures to counter it so that they can decrease turnover and increase productivity.

Some of the biggest changes in modern workplace environment are the human resources and workplace safety concerns related to employee burnout. Rather than letting employees continue to push themselves or being pushed by the company there are new regulations established by workplace health and safety and set up required break times and durations. This can be used to enforce breaks and improve the health and well being of employees.

Another way that employers are ensuring the better health of their employees so as to prevent workplace burnout is to get them involved in office based retreats or other health-benefitting office activities. Promotional and motivational office parties are used to relieve the stress of the office and improve the workplace environment. Birthday lunches paid for the office are another way to help reduce employee burnout at work. Office retreats with a particular emphasis on health and well being are yet another popular option for companies. These retreats can be used to improve workplace health and relieve the high rate of workplace burnout for employees. Some of the less expensive options companies can use to combat workplace burnout is to offer half days once per month or to provide an office based set of games or fun activities on Friday afternoons.

Overall the risk of workplace burnout for employees is high especially for people who are continually competing within the workplace for increasingly smaller numbers of jobs. Employers can help to combat this by providing the office with fun and stress relieving activities. Some companies offer workplace retreats while others implement casual dress days or office based games. All of these items can help to reduce workplace burnout and improve the health and well being of employees.