Looking for Free High School Essay Examples: Some Good Advice

High school is one of the most likely levels of education where you are expected to write several essays. Almost any class, with the exception of math classes, will expect students to complete an essay at some point in the year. For students who are struggling to find inspiration for their essay, there are many resources available for you to find examples of high school papers to model your own after. Here are some tips on how to find valuable examples to guide your own essay:

  • Check the library: There are many books that compile actual essays from students in the past. Excerpts or entire essays will be available in such books and many have debriefings that go into detail about what was good and what was bad about each respective essay. Many professional tutoring agencies publish books to help students write papers, and your library is likely to have a variety. Check out older books and newer books, as each will provide different examples for you.
  • Look online: The internet has countless examples available for students. You can find sample essays on any topic, as well as real papers that have been written by former students. Though not intended to be duplicated, these samples can be used to model your own work.
  • Ask friends and teachers: If you have a friend who previously took the class, or any friends who are currently in class with you, you can ask to take a look at their material to get some ideas about how to go about writing your own essay. Along the same note, feel free to ask any of your professors to see some sample papers from past students. Most teachers hold on to work from past students that they feel can teach future students something – whether it be good, or bad. If you need help with your essay, your teacher might be able to recommend some good samples that are tailored to help what you specifically need.

Previously written papers can be the best source of inspiration for high school students. If you find yourself stuck when deciding to pick a topic, try reading other essays written on the similar topic so you can see what works and what doesn’t. Listed above are only a few places you can look for these samples, it’s up to you to come up with more ideas. With the right resources, finding sample papers should not be difficult and can be a rather enlightening time.