Creating An Interesting 3-Paragraph Essay About Isaac Newton

You could end up writing a paper on Sir Isaac Newton in history, business, science, or writing class. Your paper may be persuasive or even descriptive style. If you are confused about selecting what topic that relates to him for your piece, use our innovative list. Then if you need some basic rules about the standard three-paragraph paper, use our tips and hints.


  • The man ­‑ you could look at Newton’s personal life and then explain how his personal circumstances led to his successes. Make sure you look at the negative and the positive point. Sometimes the failures mean more than the successes in a person’s life and career.

  • The times ­‑ carefully analyze the time period in which he lived. This time period also had an amazing and powerful affect on him.

  • The discoveries and inventions ­‑ move completely away from his person life and pick an invention or discovery. You could do a compare and contrast, a persuasive, or a descriptive piece.

  • 3-Paragraph Paper Advices

    • The format choices ­‑ with just three paragraphs, you have to modify the standard paper format. You have several choices for the pattern:

      • Choice One: Paragraph 1 ­‑ the thesis statement, background, and main point one; Paragraph 2 ­‑ two main points; and Paragraph 3 ­‑ the conclusion

      • Choice Two: Paragraph 1 ‑ the hook, introduction, and background materials; Paragraph 2 ­‑ all the main points; and Paragraph 3-the conclusion

      • Choice Three ­‑ your own unique pattern

    • Introduction ­‑ depending on the format that you chose, your introduction should include the thesis statement and the background material. It might also include a hook.

    • Main points ­‑ you will not want more than three main points in the three-paragraph paper. More than three will be too hard of a fit.

    • Conclusion ­‑ the conclusion will have the re-statement of the thesis and a brief summary. You might not be able to fit in a universal statement. As always, you will not introduce any new materials at the conclusion.

    • Help if needed ­‑ this style paper can be hard to write if you have a lot of information. If you have trouble researching, planning, or composing it seek help from a reliable source.

    • Always proof ­‑ after you decide on your topic, thesis statement, outline, and format, you will then proceed to write the paper. When you are finished, you must proof and edit it. If this is not your strength or you are simply too tired of the paper, seek help in this most important phase. A perfect content paper can get a low score if it is riddled with errors.