Innovations In America

Innovation is a new technique or idea that allows people to meet the new and ever changing requirements of a situation. People and companies are able to create more effective processes, services, products and technologies to achieve better solutions to old problems and improve their lives.

Areas Of Innovation

Innovation takes place in every part field of work, and affects every part of our life. Businesses are constantly looking to add value to their product and increase their profit. Scientists will apply innovation to previous theories, creating new and improved devices which aid us in our work. Even educators will aim to innovate their teaching methods to capture children’s interest in an ever developing world.

Examples Of American Innovation

The Americans are responsible for many of the technological developments with the PCs developed by IBM being but one example. Based in Florida, the company’s research led to the creation of our relatively small personal computer.

An American multinational company created Google Search and it has had a huge impact on the lives of the public. By allowing people to access information in a more timely and easy manner Google has changed their approach and view of the world.

Some people will argue that the Intel processer was the responsible for a PC revolution. Now it is the global standard for computers and increased the speed at which people can work.

Last, but certainly not least, there is the Apple iphone which is not only a dominant player in the international market but also has successfully combined the computer and the mobile phone into a small and yet very powerful device.

The Future Of Innovation In American

In 2015, Obama announced America’s new approach to innovation. The strategy was updated from the 2009 version and provides an overview of the efforts America aims in this strategy. It aims to keep their possible as the most innovative world economy while developing new industries and using innovation to address the challenges of their nation. The strategy can be summarized in its core components. These include the importance of research and development investment, to solve national problems and create a society with shared prosperity and improved performance in both the public and private sectors. It also reiterates the need for key investments proposed in Americas 2016 Budget which will allow for advancement in new technological possibilities.

Innovation is a key part of our lives, affecting us in a variety of ways and therefore everyone needs to adjust and plan for it.