Literature Through History

Currently, most education systems teach literature through history. Do you remember being in a literature class and how your teacher used narratives while teaching? Notably, sometimes teachers get to class to teach literature and start the lesson with a narrative. This trend is nothing new as teaching literature through History has been a practice for very long. There is increased use of History to teach Literature due to some aspects that can only be found in History. To start with, History is about adventure, and some of the events can be thrilling and interesting. It is also worth noting that History makes it easy to explain issues or events as they happened. Since the use of History in teaching literature has increased, there must be some advantages associated with it.

Literature through History: Early Childhood Development

At the initial stages of learning, it is impossible for children to read texts. They, therefore, do not require or need to use textbooks. It is thus during these stages that their teachers depend almost fully on narratives to teach the children. Since the children can listen and hear, it simplifies the work for the teachers. It is then at this stage that the teachers proceed to teach the children how to read. However, even as they advance and learn to read and write, some of the texts, stories or comprehensions will involve history. The teachers also use narratives to try and capture the attention of the learners. The narratives and stories may be interesting and not as boring as writing or reading. Parents can also purchase History books and read some of the simple narratives to the children about their origin as well as their culture and norms. Apparently, literature becomes much easier to learn and also to teach with the use of history narratives. Some history books may also contain pictures and photos that can make learning for children easier. The ability to remember is also enhanced with the help of narratives.

What is Special about History?

History can be used to enhance understanding of literature for all the levels of students. Once one develops an interest in History, they can get interested in reading stories, fictional history as well as biographies. At the same time, they can learn about historical literature as well as the past. Students who develop an interest in reading and knowing these things are better in the literature compared to those not interested.