Writing A Problem Solution Essay: A List Of Great Topics For High School Students

When you are writing a problem solution essay your goal is very self-explanatory. The purpose is to present a problem as well as a solution. When you are writing this type of assignment it is important that you present a great idea supported by thorough evidence.

If there is a problem there's often a solution and even if there is not a definitive solution there are different arguments over which of the possible solutions is best. When you are presenting a problem solution paper you want to state your problem and your solution. The solution is your thesis and to support your thesis you need multiple points of evidence. You want to make sure that when you are writing this you also refute opposite solutions and explain the importance of that information. By presenting alternative solutions you lend credence to your afford to you as an author.

One example is the problem of smoking cigarettes. Your solution might be to offer help to people who are addicted to smoking and to create programs that educate young people and prevent them from becoming a new smoking addict. Some of your supporting evidence could include early education, making nicotine programs more affordable, charging more to purchase cigarettes, and educating families through the news. The refute to this could be that it is against personal freedom to make such changes but your rebuttal to this side of the argument is that an individual's freedom, their personal freedom extends only up until the point that it encroaches upon their neighbor. In this sense secondhand smoke is unhealthy for those around the smoker.

So if you are looking for a problem solution essay topic and need some help getting started look over the following:

  • Write about undocumented immigration and whether those people who make it across the border should be given asylum or deported.
  • Right about mass shootings and what role mental health care professionals play in the prevention of mass shootings
  • Right about whether ending the war on drugs will provide some relief in the high rate of undocumented immigration
  • Right about sexual assault in the college world and whether students social services should address this by involving fraternities in assault education
  • Discuss how trade policies with other nations affect the economies of certain countries and in doing so increase immigration