How To End A Persuasive Essay Properly - Useful Suggestions

In defining a persuasive essay, it is said to be a presentation or paper that is geared towards influencing a given outcome. Through your write up, you should not only be able to persuade your readers on the topic being addressed but also cause them to take action. This is why it is very important that the conclusion of your paper should have a call-to-action ending. It should be done with full authority, subtle and yet compelling enough to make your readers take the action prescribed in the paper.

If there is anything your readers should hold unto after reading your essay, it is that call-to-action which is aptly composed to drive your major point home. Are there certain specifics you desire from your readers? Is there a solution you want them to be part of? Go ahead and let them know this through your conclusion. One good method that has worked for a lot of students is the three-part method. It is a standard format every student should try. This includes the following:

  • Restate Your Thesis: Don’t make the mistake of re-introducing the topic as it was in the introduction. Adapt a new angle of doing this, it is a reminder to the reader what the essay is all about in the first instance.
  • Summary of the Main Points: Although it is not advisable to show these points as a list, you should also not go deep into discussing the main points. Touch on each one briefly as you seamlessly move to the next.
  • Put in a Call-To-Action: This is also called the concluding statement or comment. Is there any particular action you want your readers to take? This is the time to persuade them to do so. It can come in the form of a question, recommendation or prediction. When it is a question, it gets your readers’ minds to work and let them make the predictions on their own. If it comes as a recommendation, it spurs the readers into taking the necessary action.If on the other hand it comes as a prediction, your readers are told what could happen if a certain line of action is not taken.

Now you can see that you don’t need to be a speech writer before you can write a compelling ending for your essay or any other paper. You can even add more credibility by adding a quote that sheds more light on your idea.