Strategic Management And Leadership

Strategic management and leadership are the core principles of running an organization. The two aspects have immense effects on all stakeholders within a given organization. As such, authorities within the organization ought to give management and leadership serious consideration. Strategic management comprises of analyzing, identifying and implementing the plans with the available resources to meet the desired outcome of any business. On the other hand, leadership involves setting out strategies for the results of the organization in a given period. In essence, strategic management and leadership offer direction that paves the way for success within any organization.

Leadership entails creativity skills of spearheading other people to an organizations vision. An effective leader should have proper management skills that will see the organization they lead to succeed. However, not all managers can exercise proper leadership skills. Leaders inspire and challenge the people they work with while managers are there to enhance the smooth running of the organization.

Indeed, there is a need to have clear outlines and objectives leading to the survival of a business. All management levels should have targets that prevent the organization from being aimlessly driven in such a way that he initial objective is still followed. Management strategies are either long term or short term. As such, short term strategies involve the daily accounts of the market while long-term strategies are those that will meet the annual financial capability of the organization. Management plans should also cater for the competitive field. Mostly, a noble management plan should give an outline of measures for curbing competition threats.

Regarding leadership, the relevant authorities need to use their skills and knowledge to improve the working conditions of everyone. Proper motivation to employees helps them to develop their strategies in the working environment. Moreover, a leader should allow the followers to provide ideas and opinions since such ideas can lead to better improvement of the organization. Strategic leaders should have the ability to deal with any situation and come up with the right channel to address the problem.

There is a need to improve managerially and leadership skills since they act as the backbone of the organization’s success. Indeed, strategic management and leadership ought to be properly balanced. However, one may not be conversant with managerial and leadership skills at once. However, there is a need to keep on improving where there are noticeable loopholes.