A List of Great Essay Topics for College Students

It can easily be said that writing papers in college is the least favorite thing to do for everyone involved, including both the “writers” and “editors.” Multiple rewrites and corrections can drive anyone crazy. However, the first really annoying thing all students face is choosing an original essay topic. It can even lead to a couple of sleepless nights if the deadline is near and your brain is as blank as the pages of your notebook. But, don’t despair! You have come to the right place. Here is a list of great paper topics to save you:

  1. What is your opinion on the movie industry of today?
  2. Write about what you think actors’ salaries and film productions cost. Can modern pictures be considered works of art?

  3. Do you think teachers should be obliged to wear uniforms, just like students?
  4. Review whether there is any kind of a dress code for those who teach. Does looking the same help you focus on the studying process itself?

  5. Nuclear weapons: a blessing in disguise?
  6. Express what you think of this type of arms. Do they help prevent wars?

  7. Keeping wild animals in cages: act of mercy or act of violence?
  8. Zoos are quite popular around the world. Many endangered species are still not extinct, only because they are kept in artificial environments. However, is it even a life at this point?

  9. What is your opinion on death penalties?
  10. Do you think such measures should be prohibited or allowed? What is the primary purpose of that, to punish the criminal or to teach society a lesson?

  11. Paper vs. technology: should computers replace books in school?
  12. In this essay, you can state your opinion on whether scientific progress really benefits the educational system of today. Are electronic devices safe for children and teenagers?

  13. Do men still get better jobs?
  14. Do some research on whether this phenomenon still takes place in the U.S. What are the reasons for that, and how can society make companies treat everyone equally?

  15. Can we stop the world’s deforestation?
  16. Write about what the world’s population is today, and how much land it needs to feed itself. What are the ways to save forests that are vital to the Earth?

  17. Do you think today’s 18 year-olds are mature enough to vote?
  18. Scholars claim that puberty lasts longer now, finishing at the age of 21 approximately. Do you agree? If so, should we change the voting age?

  19. Do you think prominent countries have to share their resources with the rest of the world? Express your thoughts on whether leading states should help second-world or third-world countries.