5 Hints On Finding Essay Examples For Kids Free Of Charge

Kids in elementary, middle, and high school sometimes need a little extra help, when it come to writing an essay. Examples are a good way to help these students by showing they exactly what is should look like and what should be included in it. Free essay examples are really easy to find online and I will give you all of the best sites you can use to find them.

5 Free Essay Websites

  • One of the best sites you can look at is the Write Source website. Under the tab Student Models, you will find examples for every grade level and they have them divided up into different kinds of essays so you can find the example you need.
  • Did you know that Time magazine has a website for kids to help them with their homework? Time For Kids is a website run by the magazine that helps kids with different subjects. Here you can get examples of essays and they will give you tips on how to write them as well.
  • My Kids Way is another great site to find examples and they have them all broken up into categories so you can find the one you need. Just click on Narrative, Descriptive, Expository, or Persuasive to find the kind of essay example you need.
  • Preserve Articles has over three hundred different examples that you can look at. They have the word count and subject to each of their papers in the title, which makes finding the one you want fast and easy.
  • Kids Essays is a website that is run to help kids with different aspects of their homework. Here you will get detailed instructions to help you write your paper and they give you examples that you can follow to make sure that you are writing it correctly.

All of these websites are a great source to find the examples you need. You want to also read all of the instructions for your assignment and read other online sources to help you write a better essay. It is important to know exactly how to do it before you start and with research and these samples you should be able to write it in no time. And don’t be afraid to ask for help from your teacher if you don’t understand, they will be glad to help you with it.