Unity and Diversity: Reflections on the World’s Religions

Religions have existed for as long as people have. Every tribe used to have its own set of deities to worship, and with the growth of globalization, the beliefs of the people have grown and transformed. Despite the fact that there is only one country in the world where the government is based completely on religion, various faiths play an important part in the lives of people all over the planet. There are plenty of similarities between the existing religions, but many of the beliefs are very different, and sometimes even opposite of one another.

Religions often play a part in the governance of countries. The importance of the role may vary, from it being a minor consideration at the back of the governors’ minds to the religious leaders being unofficial dictators behind the laws. Even today, despite the advancements in scientific research, many countries are guided by religious fanatics who control every aspect of the culture. This deeply affects the lives of the residents, regardless of whether all the citizens actually share and support those views. This is why the diversity of religions may not be such a good thing, as some of them call to annihilate all non-believers.

The things that all religions have in common are deities and a collection of fables that tell the story of the miracles performed by those deities. Regardless of whether there is a single God or several deities, the concept is always the same. Obedience to the laws and principles dictated by the Supreme Being is the foundation of all religions. Although the basic principles make all the faiths alike, the beliefs themselves are utterly different. Some of the gods call for the peaceful coexistence of all people, some require bloody sacrifices, and there are also ones that strive to dominate the rest. These ultimate differences prevent people of different confessions from unifying and developing friendly comradeships with each other.

There have been attempts to unify various religions in order to promote world peace. However, not a single one of those initiatives has managed to succeed. One of them is the Bahá'í Faith, which calls to recognize that all people, and therefore all religions, are equal. However, should those ideas be supported, this would mean that the Bahá'í Faith itself has become the main religion, and this defies the main idea behind it.

There can be no absolute unity of nations, due to their religious differences. This situation should never change, as it proves that people are different and do not conform to some uniform system of beliefs that can only be put in place through violence and indoctrination.