Persuasive Essay Topics: How To Select A Good One

In a persuasive essay, your job as the writer is to convince the reader that what you say is correct. If someone already has firm views on a subject then no matter what you say they are unlikely to change their minds, but the audience you are trying to reach are the ones who aren’t sure. For these people you need to present your argument and provide strong supporting evidence in an effort to sway them to choosing your side.

With this audience in mind, you must forget your own reasons for why your argument is correct, you must offer evidence as to why your reader should think the statement is right. This means knowing who is likely to read your work and what they want to hear to convince them. To put it simply a good persuasive essay states what you must do, why you must act, and finally what you will receive from performing the action.

  • What must you do? For instance you want people to do something
  • Why must you act? Because it is the only possible ethical thing to do
  • What will you receive from this? The pure knowledge that when people do the right thing the streets are paved with gold

Well not really the last, but in non-academic style writing you are allowed to use hyperbole to convince people. Just look at all the political writing throughout history.

What makes a bad essay?
  • Not getting into your readers’ mind set
  • Parroting ideology rather coming up with an original idea
  • Writing only to people who already agree with you
  • Placing your answer in thesis statement instead of building up to the conclusion
What make an excellent subject idea?
  • Appeals to logic and reason
  • Appeals to emotion
  • Convincing the reader you are an authoritative figure
  • Use a specific case study and use that to make your general case
  • Make a general statement and then support it with specific facts
Some ideas to get you thinking
  • Are competitive team sports good or bad for children?
  • Is modern society too addicted to technology?
  • Teenagers should start their school day later, because of natural sleeping cycles
  • Now we all use computers is it worth bothering teaching even basic handwriting?
  • Could schools benefit financially from allowing corporate advertising on campus?
  • Teachers would work better if they wore a uniform
  • With the rise of electric cars carpooling will make more sense